Downloading Previous Versions


We were running Kano Os 4.2.0 (and one on 4.2.1) on 3 Raspberry Pi 3B+'s at our library.
I followed the superthread at the time and all has been well.
Unfortunately someone triggered the update to all 3 devices.

On reboot, the Raspberry Pi’s hang.
Reinstalling with the current downloaded version (4.3.2) also means they hang at the clouds.

Is there any way to obtain the previous Beta builds? (Specifically 4.2.1 and 4.2.0).

I believe the files required are;

Sadly we do not have backups.

Hi @boomhaueruk,

Once we release an updated build, the older ones are typically removed from the download server.

I can check in with the engineering team and see if it is possible to provide a download link - but the older builds of Kano OS will no longer work with the newly updated Kano World, which has increased parental controls and updated COPPA consent requirements.

Hi Chris,

That would be fine. Whilst the interaction with Kano world was nice, it’s not a deal breaker for now, we’d like to get the raspberry pis functional again and 4.2.1 was providing much enjoyment.

If anyone has a 4.2.1, or knows how to get 4.3.2 running on a pi 3b+, please get in touch.

Leave it with me - let’s see what we can rustle up!


Kano OS v4.2.1 NOOBS image with recovery (for 16GB+ cards):

Kano OS v4.2.1 Base image:

That’s fantastic, thanks so much Chris.

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