Delete YouTube and App Store?

I have managed to fumble my way through the file structure and remove all instances of YouTube and the .desktop files that I could find but the big tile is still showing on the classic mode desktop. It’s just a broken link now so I want to remove it but can’t figure out how.

Additionally, is there a way to disable the app store so my kids can’t just re-download Youtube?


Hi @Bluefunoodle311

Please take a look at this help centre article -

I have already done this, but the shortcut tile remains on the desktop in classic mode.

sudo mv /usr/share/applications/kano-video.* .
sudo mv /usr/share/kano-desktop/kdesk/kdesktop/Video.lnk .
sudo mv /usr/share/applications/auto_youtube.desktop .

Should take care of them :slight_smile:

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This did the trick, thanks!
I had merely missed the one nested in the kdesktop folder.

Now that I have all the instances of YouTube removed, is there a way in parental controls (or terminal) to disable/remove the app store to prevent my kid from easily reinstalling it?

I think the ultimate level of parental control stops you from being able to do anything other than use the installed apps, and access challenges/upload creations to Kano World.