Data Corruption on Story Mode


I couldn’t find a better place to put this question so hopefully this is appropriate.

My son has been exploring on his Kickstarter-built Kano (still runs) and we’ve run into what is possibly a bug in the Story Mode. His current quest is “Meet the Mayor of Port Ether” and the quest shows “data corrupted”. He has completed Terminal Quest and we’ve also attempted to go back to the specific chapter where the Mayor is to see if that would trigger the quest to continue but it remains “data corrupted”. What can we do to get his Story Mode unstuck without losing his progress. I’ve suggested he might try redoing Terminal Quest entirely, but he was not too happy with that idea. Any other ideas?

We upgraded the OS this morning with the latest and greatest (unsure what version) if that helps. Thanks in advance.


Hi @placer14,

Insight from the team who created Story Mode:

"The quest doesn’t actually link to Terminal Quest, but hints at exploring Port Ether! :slight_smile:

I’d suggest taking a look in the houses in the part of town with the entrance to the Audio Jack. :wink: "