Creating Kano apps

I’m searching for documentation related to how Kano apps can be packaged and installed into Kano app. I’m wondering if the best way atm is to just dig through the compile instructions for, say, terminal quest to move forward on this, or if someone knows of a more straight forward resource for creating kano apps.

Hi @SunTree, welcome to the forums! I’ve poked our team and they’ve suggested the following:

Using Make Snake as an example:

To create an icon on the Dashboard, copy an image to the kit:

To create a spec for the icon:

To run a binary from the icon:

To package an app, create a debian package:

Then install it using dpkg and reboot.

Hopefully this works?

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Thanks for the write-up, David! I’ll give it a shot tonight after work.

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Let us know how it goes!

It worked great! Just to share notes, I’m spotting various methods of starting

Ways of apps starting:

  • kano-launcher <script_or_binary_that_creates_gui_of_some_kind>
  • kano-tracker-ctl session run '<TITLE>' 'chromium-browser --app= --start-maximized'

So here’s the really big win I came across. I have a background in web development and expect to use the kano and my history with browsers to teach my Nephew a thing or two about all this code stuff. Borrowing some knowedge on this writeup on starting chromium in kiosk mode (such that it behaves as one would expect any native app to behave), I’ve found that I can use the .app template below to make an app of just about any web app my nephew and I build.

There may be some other handing switches to use such as --app-mode-oauth-token I’m noting from ghacks dot net/2013/10/06/list-useful-google-chrome-command-line-switches/

I wish I knew how to reload the window manager that kano uses. It seems edits made to the .app file require a reboot to take effect. If anyone on your end has brief notes on that, they might help others out, though I think I won’t need them until I get some HTML and javascript into a code repo :slight_smile:

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