Computer touch kit not charging



My kid just got a computer kit touch yesterday and she used up all the battery. We put it to charge over night and then when she woke up she turned it on. It turned on the lights in the back and then it said battery ciritcally low please plug in. Shutting your kit down… Please help


Hi @Candayla, this seems odd, please drop us a line at and the team will be able to assist further, as it might be hardware-related.



I am having the same problem. We turn it on, it makes a loud buzzing noise and then when it stops, the computer shuts off. It is usually charged all night, but it can’t hold a charge. The battery is always low. She has had it since christmas day. It charged completely and then the next day, it would not hold a charge.


@schism07 Might be a faulty battery, did you reach out to our help team? They will be able to sort you out with a new one if needs be!