Computer/OS dependency for Motion Sensor?

I am currently an engineering student, and I am looking to use the Kano motion sensor to complete a motion-sensing task for one of my classes. What I basically need to know is how dependent on a computer/ the OS this product is.

I am looking to create a motion sensor that turns a light on as you walk past it, and turns it off after you pass (the light will not stay on without something in front of the sensor). Without using a computer and therefore the specific program, could the motion sensor be used to accomplish this task? I.e. Could I just use the sensor plugged into a usb female port on a logic board to code and utilize the motion sensing capabilities for what I want to do?

Follow-up / UPDATE:
I am now planning on using a Raspberry Pi to run this system. How does this affect the usability of the Kano Motion sensor?

Additionally I need to know soon whether or not the Kano Motion sensor can even be used to trigger a light to turn on.


Sorry for a late reply. By default with the software kano uses, I’m pretty sure you cant use the kit to turn on/off a light. But maybe if you make your own software for it or something or find something online maybe that can help you out with it? Just making suggestions.