Computer Kit - Hack Minecraft input lag



Hi Kano community!

I’m having an issue with keyboard and touchpad input lag on Hack Minecraft, when running the Kano at 1080p. Actually, it’s noticeable elsewhere, but the issue is severe in this app. Keyboard presses take 1 - 3 seconds to register and dragging objects is near impossible, making Hack Minecraft unusable.

Rebooting to run at 720p is better, but not perfect. I assume it is due to power or processor limitations, but I would have expected our Christmas Kano would have been able to run all pre-installed apps perfectly well out of the box at the native resolution of most consumer TVs/monitors.

Is there guidance on resolution limits or a fix to this issue? Our Kano kit was purchased in December and I have flashed to the latest Kano OS as of 4 January.

Thank you!