Computer kit freezes randomly and keyboard unresponsive

My son has had the Kano computer kit for just over a week and it randomly freezes(touchscreen) and the same with the keyboard. On a couple of occasions he was on Chromium and once on one of the built in app(it then came up with the binary numbers all over the screen and after a while the screen just went black. We have conducted the update soon after it got connected to the wireless network on the 1st day. We had no choice but to power it down. Is this a common fault? Shall we return it to the shop we bough it from? Any advise will be helpful.

Hi @ZaBest,

Some websites that are very memory heavy can prove too much for the Raspberry Pi board - do you know what your son was visiting/trying to load?

There can also be issues if there is not a constant and stable power supply to the computer kit - is your kit one with a screen and a battery, or one that connects to a wall power socket and a TV?



Thank you for your reply Chris.

My son was doing school research work in Wikipedia when the crashing happened. On the 2nd event, he was playing which seemed like a ping pong.