Community SDK for Pixel Kit


When I look at the community SDK for node it doesn’t seem to be published to npm is there a reason for this?

For my project I’ve included as a git sub-module but I’d rather install it through npm.

Also there doesn’t seem to be a way to save animations through the SDK - is this coming?


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Hi Haggie, believe the package not being published at NPM is because we still consider the library very much in beta stage. The library will be updated but for the time being feel free to submit a pull request if you are happy to contribute to it!

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Thanks, is there documentation available for the serial RPC API to the device?
So the methods, parameters and responses.

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Pretty sure @murilo can help on this!!

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Hey, @haggie! I LOVE your pixel-8 project! Truly exciting!

Unfortunately there is no documentation about the RPC API on the Community SDK. What I had was a file with some request examples but that is all. I implemented almost all the example requests but unfortunately I don’t have access anymore to it.

One way you could find out about a specific request is to sniff the Kano App to see what kind of requests the Kano App makes to the device (http and websocket mostly).

I hope that helps, otherwise perhaps @David could ask the engineers for that request examples :wink:

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I’ll see what I can get!

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Hi All,

I’ve been “working” on some basic drawing primitives for pixel kit (superpixelkit),

but I’m getting a wierd flickering, once in a while, it seems like the whiteboard is not completely drawn, and some pixels don’t get the correct color,

at first I thought it was my own code that was wrong, but then I modified the example in
comunity sdk rpk_stream_frame.js to blink (black / yellow) and the same problem persisted

this happens by cable or wifi,
I’ve also wiresharked the kano app, and added a couple more commands that the app seems to be sending (lightboard:init) but it did not fix it,

any clues or suggestions?,

btw: the official rpc spec would be really great




Love to see that library come to life @ryven, I’ll see what I can do with the documentation and if anyone has any ideas about the color problem!

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Cool - how did you use wireshark - were there setting you used to lock it down to just see the USB traffic?

I noticed the glitches too BTW.

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Hi @haggie
Actually I used wireshark over wifi while using the oficial Kano App on a windows machine. To filter the data one can use the pixel kit ip or just “websocket”

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@haggie @ryven Not forgotten about this thread, we might have some documentation coming soon, keep you posted!