Community SDK For Pixel Kit and Motion Sensor Kit



What is the Community SDK?

The Community SDK, available here, is a set of scripts, tools, and libraries aimed at helping anyone interested in interacting with a Pixel Kit or Motion Sensor Kit via their favorite programming language and preferred coding editor. This SDK is the only thing you need to do to start coding your devices directly with any of the supported languages.

What languages are supported?

Right now the libraries and examples have been built in Javascript/Node.js and Python3. We welcome pull requests for other languages of course!

What can I do for each device?

The libraries operate at a very low level, helping you obtain basic events and data from both devices, as well as providing you with examples for some more advanced operations. Below is a list of the main areas we’ve covered.

For the Pixel Kit you can do things like:

  • Read events from the Pixel Kit, like joystick, buttons, and dials being activated.
  • Send data to the RGB matrix.
  • Scan for available wireless networks and get battery and network status.

For the Motions Sensor Kit, on the other hand, you can:

  • Read proximity values (how close an object is to the Motion Sensor)
  • Read the gesture being performed (wave up, wave down, wave left, wave right…)
  • Change the polling interval (how many seconds between you read the data from the motion sensor).

How do I get involved?

Download the SDK, start creating and feel free to leave us any comments directly on our Github repository. We welcome all pull requests, so if you want to contribute to the libraries or examples we encourage you to do so!

Do you have any question about the SDK? Leave it below!

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