Comments not showing

I was looking at a staff pick and it said there was 20 comments and I wanted to look at them but when I clicked on the creation, it didn’t show the comments. In the area I could type a comment it said: be the first to comment.

Hi Gamester, was this directly on the computer kit? Could you share the link to your creation if possible?

It wasn’t on my computer kit. Though i’m sure its happenes on the kit too.
I can see all the comments on my latest shares, but when I try to read them on shares from over a year ago, it only shows them sometimes. I also try to see comment on other users shares and sometimes I can’t see them. It usually never happens but it does every once in a while.

I recently tried commenting on another user share but the comment disappeared when I pushed enter and it still said: be the first to comment

Hi @gamester,

I checked in with the engineering team, and this is a known issue.

They’re currently working on something new (and awesome) that will make this a problem of the past.

I promise it will be worth the wait :slight_smile: