Coding Wand - Sound, or lack of sound/background music - such a boring experience


Hello all, this is my first post on here.

My son received the coding wand for Xmas. He is a massive Harry Potter and coding fan and the adverts and website made this kit and app look amazing.

From the get go it all set up ok but we were frustrated by the lack of sound when using the app and messaged the help team on Boxing Day who said there was a known problem with a sound issue which would be fixed with the next update.

We have been revisiting the app every couple of weeks but it’s still the same and my son is now bored and has given up.

Using the app and the wand is a completely silent experience.

There are no issues with our iOS or speakers etc as we can add the sound effects within the challenges, but just overall…the map is completely silent and unless I manually add sound effects within challenges the actual challenges are completely silent and it is sooooooo boring.

Am I missing something or does everyone have the same silent experience.

I keep reading reviews about how amazing the coding kit is and how engaged other children are, and I just don’t get it. I’ve never know any child’s game, app or website that is intended to be engaging, to be completely silent with absolutely no background music or anything at all…

I really am baffled and a bit peeved that I paid so much for something so poor. Unless I’m doing something wrong and getting a different experience for everyone else.

Any advice greatly received.

Wand, app and iOS are all up to date with the latest versions.

Thanks :ok_hand:t3:


Hi @Louthompson,

We’re working on a larger update to the Kano app, which is due to ship later in the year, and will resolve the music issue on iOS - this is specific to the navigation screens, and not something that’s missing from the coding sections of the app.

When you’re coding you should hear:

  • sound when using a spell motion
  • sound from any effects that you have added using the speaker block

Are those both working?




Yes, the sounds I can add within the app are working, but the whole package just feels like it’s missing some “magical” or “wizardy” background music on the map AND within the tasks. Unless I add basic sound effects the whole thing is completely silent.


Thanks for confirming @Louthompson. :slight_smile:

Talking to the team here, and we can’t think of any coding software (either for beginners or professionals) that includes background music, whilst you’re coding - that’s much more of a video game feature! :space_invader:


I understand that I suppose, but if that’s the case, what is the music issue you said you need to resolve on the next update? Is there meant to be music or not?



There is meant to be music on the navigation (map) screen - This is an issue that we’re working on for iOS specifically, and will have resolved in the next update, which is due later this year. :slightly_smiling_face: