Chorog Rain Boiler



Game Project - ALL wand magicians welcome to contribute

I purchased the Harry Potter Wand Kit for my kids. As a demonstration I wanted to build a game to motivate designing creations of their own. Even at its basic stages I have found it challenging.

I figure it is best to make this a collaborative effort. The more we work together, the better the outcome can be. I hope this project will inspire other projects and lead even to much more. Possibly even multiplayer wand games utilizing our wand skills and spells. It’s a long road ahead. Alone, we set our own limitations. Together, with cooperation and imagination, we can create awesome adventures. (Kano Computing, I hope you’re listening, watching, will be supportive & possibly even contribute as well.)

The Game / project: Chorog Rain Boiler

About the name: “Cho"colate F"rog” Rain Boiler. I was going to use “Cauldron” but I figure it’s more about making it look like rain.

Object of the game:

Catch the chocolate frogs with the cauldron before being flooded by the frogs that are missed. Catch a certain number of frogs for each level to advance to the next level. If the cauldron is flooded the game is over.

  1. The background is set to the forest background.

  2. The cauldron is placed at the bottom of the screen in the center at the beginning of the game. The cauldron is programed to move left and right when the wand is moved left and right accordingly

  3. The chocolate frogs fall from the sky (top of the screen) at random spots horizontally (left to right).

  • If the chocolate frog falls in the cauldron, another falls from the sky. Once a certain number of frogs are caught, move on to the next level.

  • If the chocolate frog falls to the ground, or is missed, then another falls from the sky. If too many are missed the space around the cauldron is flooded. Once one of the missed frogs goes in to the top of the cauldron, the game is over.

Each level can be changed slightly with increasing difficulty. Wand motions can be introduced to do different things like clear the missed frogs etc.

This is the starting point as a goal.

In the next posts I will provide details of portions that do and don’t work and things to be added etc. I’m looking forward to your help and input so we can all enjoy.

Once we make progress, I’ll be happy to take input to coordinate and make changes to make the game more fun. I’m excited to see who wants in on this great endeavour !!

Bottomless Pit


Attached is the current state of the ChoRog Rain Boiler coding / app.

Steps 1, 2, and 3 (part 1) are already created. The current challenge is steps 3 (part 2 and 3).

Error 1: Currently removes frogs when missed.

Need to display:
Level number

  • of frogs created

  • of frogs boiled

  • of frogs missed

  • possibly a timer

Error 2: Only “boils” frogs if the cauldron doesn’t move. Actually regardless if cauldron moves, but it is along the top of part of the cauldron. (It’s a static x range at a specific y height)Preformatted text Also, it does not create a new chocolate frog when the frog is boiled and disappears.

Error 3: The x-position range of the top of the cauldron does not change as the cauldron moves left or right.!