Can't install App

I purchased the HP coding kit for my daughter for Christmas. I carefully checked that it would be compatible with her tablet before buying. However, when I try to install the Kano app it says ‘your device is not compatible with this version’. It is so disappointing and I am unclear as to why when I checked the compatibility so carefully. It is a brand new Samsung TabA8. Any suggestions in what I need to do would be great please or how to solve this problem. Thanks.

I have the same problem - with a brand new Samsung Tab A7.

Hoping someone can help. Son v disappointed at the moment but very excited to use the HP coding kit.

Same issue with Samsung tab A. Meets all requirements, can’t install app.
Disappointed kid, frustrated parents.

We have now resolved our problem. Have been in touch with Kano support who were really helpful. They are looking into the issue on Google Play store and sent me a direct download for the app. Now all working well.

Thanks. I contacted support as well.