Can You Use The OS On Any PC?



Can You Use The OS On Any PC? I Have A Intel Pentium PC And I Was Wondering If The OS Would Work On It , Because It Doesn’t Have A OS And My Son Likes To Play Minecraft And It Would Be Cool If He Could Code



Kano OS is engineered as a Raspberry Pi operating system, so it won’t work out of the box on a regular PC. However, you can use virtualization services like VirtualBox to make it work.

Here’s a tutorial on how to do it with regular Raspbian. You just need to use the Kano OS ISO file available here instead of the Raspbian ISO throughout the process.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for making this image available online. :slight_smile:


I followed the instructions you provided above, and tried the install in both VirtualBox and VMware. I couldn’t get either to work. The file like you provided above is a .img file. As far as I can tell VirtualBox and VMWare need a .iso file to boot the OS. Am I missing something? What am I doing wrong?

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@Andrew, the easy fix is to rename the file from .img to .iso and that should do the trick. Let me know if that works for you!


Thx 4 the info! I was just looking in my emails and found this fourm that i created. I will try it out!


I’m another person trying to do it.
I followed the instructions (including changing .img to .iso) but VirtualBox didn’t like it. D:

Do you know what to do now? :frowning_face:


Mmm, try giving this process a go:

  1. Select a virtual machine by clicking its name in the VirtualBox window
  2. Click the Machine menu at the top of the VirtualBox window, and click Settings
  3. Click the Storage category in the Settings window
  4. Right-click in the storage tree pane, and click Add Floppy Controller
  5. Right-click the Floppy Controller device, and click Add Floppy Device
  6. Click the Choose Disk button in the prompt window that appears
  7. Navigate to the floppy disk image file (.IMG) on your computer and double-click it

If that too doesn’t work, use VBoxManage’s convertfromraw command as follows:

VBoxManage convertfromraw --format VDI [filename].img [filename].vdi

Mount the VDI as a hard disk.


Floppy Method:

Where am I supposed to run VBoxManage convertfromraw --format VDI [filename].img [filename].vdi?


Hi @VukAnd12, just discussed with the engineers around here and they reckon you should give QEMU a try, as it its likely to work. VirtualBox seems to have issues emulating the ARM hardware inside the Pi, which might be the reason why it doesnt work at all.

Give this guide a go but use your image file rather than the raspbian wheezy version they point you to.

Hope this works!