Can you combine kits?



so i wonder if you can combine kits?it would really help because i would like to combine the pixel kit and the motion sensor kit.


Absolutely, the Pixel Kit and the Motion Sensor Kit work very well together so you can make gesture-controlled light shows, animations an more!


Hi David

do you have any links that a 7year old could follow



Hi @steeleyboy!

The operation to combine kits is really simple, here’s how you get your Computer Kit working with your Motion Sensor Kit or Pixel Kit:

  • Update your Computer Kit to the latest operating system version.
  • Once updated, you should see 2 new apps on your dashboard, Pixel Kit and Motion Sensor, these 2 let you code your devices from each of them.
  • Plug the Pixel Kit or Motion Sensor Kit into your Computer Kit and open the appropriate app for each of them, the coding environment should be able to detect them now.

To get your Motion Sensor Kit working with your Pixel Kit, you just need to plug the Motion Sensor Kit to one of the USB ports on the top of the Pixel Kit and, from the Pixel Kit coding app, use the “Add Part” feature on the right hand side, then select Motion Sensor.

That’s it!


Hi David

That’s awesome information, my kids been having a blast combining all of our kits! so much fun!