Can I program the kano pixel board with other languages?

I picked up a kano pixel board and I am wondering if I can program it in a language i know, C… is there a C compiler or ide that’s compatible with this board? Also, if not, does the kano app run on ubuntu or arch and is there a way to get the app into plaintext mode for programming via the keyboard?

Hi @Devicemodder,

Have you see then project from @murilo, where you flash the firmware, and code the pixel kit with Micro Python?

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I have not seen that. I’ll check out micropython. Thanks.

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Hey @devicemodder!

There are plenty ways to program your (retail) Pixel Kit and they all involve replacing the firmware that comes on the board (an ESP32).

You can program the PixelKit in C in at least 2 ways:

  • Installing the ESP32 support for the Arduino IDE
  • Using the ESP IDF

Alternatively you might want to install one of the many other interpreted languages that runs on ESP32:

In both ways you might need to figure out the GPIO on your own and search for the correct libraries and configuration. You may want to have a look at this file from the library I wrote for that purpose:

I hope that helps and happy hacking!!

All the best,

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