Block Not Showing

On the Kano Code challenge called “Tiled Patterns,” the random sticker block is not showing.


Hi Gamester - does the challenge ask you to use the random sticker block?


Managed to replicate - thanks for the heads up, will forward to our software team. :+1:

Added to the bug fix list - thanks @gamester

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My boy is having the same issue - could you let us know when this is fixed please? Then he can go back and try that activity again.

Hi @DeckardWill - fingers crossed for this week. :slightly_smiling_face:

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A month later and the same problem is present.

There is a similar issue on your Street Art section. Basically this makes it impossible for the child to progress.

It is very frustrating that an application designed to assist young children in learning the fundamentals of coding is in itself littered with bugs. We had been considering the new Kano Windows Computer but I’m inclined to hold fire until you have your software working as it should be.

Come on guys, lets get these fixed!

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Hi @DeckardWill,

Apologies for the delay, we’re a small team, and things have been very busy!

There was an update to Kano World yesterday, which resolve this, and other things that were a little wobbly.

You may need to sign out of Kano World, and clear your cache.



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Thanks @chris
I had been waiting a while.

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