Another Creation Not Sharing


Another creation not sharing because it breaks community rules. I can’t see anything in the code that would appear to break these rules. My daughter has spent 2 days working on this so it’s really frustrating for her that she can’t share it. I have the exported file on my computer but can’t attach it here. Anyone able to help!?!


Hey can you post the kcode file here and I’ll figure out whats blocking it?

Hi Hicks

I couldn’t copy and paste the code into here as it has too many lines of code. I have uploaded the file Hope this way works.


The word “tang” is the issue. Shares fine once you remove that. Any other way you could word that?

Ah ‘tang’. Wasn’t sure what to call the fish but changed it. I had to look up what was wrong with that word on urban dictionary. I’m clearly sheltered! haha. Thanks for the help!