After last update... This site can't reached


2 years working all ok…

After the last upgrade… With
The same router config (usually
SmartPhone android wlan)
I reached ping… But i haven’t internet

I havn’t found some similar at the forum…

Can someone help me? Thanks


Same issue here.
There is actually network connection (terminal will work) but sites cannot be reached.

I tried with a Chromium reinstall but did not work.

I’m getting an ERR-NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED error in Chrome after updating. WiFi is connected, but the browser won’t pull up any sites. Any suggestions?

I have the same issue here on multiple Pis.

Hi folks,

Have you checked the level of parental control/security on the kits?

The latest version of Kano OS sets parental control to ultimate, really locking the kit down, by default - so you may need to change out of this to a lower level of restriction. :slight_smile:

Thanks, that fixed my issue!

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How do you change it?

I feel dumb, but I cannot change it either. Doing an enable/disable changes it to Low, but I’m unable to select Medium or High. …or at least I can’t figure out how to properly “select” those. What am I doing wrong?