100+ Apps? ... I need 15 characters

I’m just curious… everything says that there are 100’s of apps available for download with the Computer Touch Kit - the box, the website, etc… In the “App Store” there are a total of 40 apps that I can see. Now I know that using the apt repositories, you can install hundreds of programs… is that where the “100+ of apps” comes in? If it is, then that is a little misleading given the “App Store.” If not, can someone please tell me what I am missing? Thanks.

Hi @rebeltaz,

The hundreds of apps available for download, refers to all of the applications that are available for the Raspbian platform, on which Kano OS is based.

The Kano App store, is a curated set of tools and apps that we think might be useful for people that are just starting out.

Hope that helps/clarifies.


Yeah, that was what I figured. It just isn’t spelled out that way anywhere (that I could find) and most people of this new generation are not familiar with linux or raspberry pis. They go to “app stores” and that’s it. I don’t know… just a thought :wink:

Any way… thank you for the reply!

For better or worse, these single board computers aren’t meant to be a replacement for your iPads.

“people of this new generation are not familiar with linux or raspberry pis”

That’s really the point of this. It’s meant to get people back into how these “new” basic technologies work like the days of the ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64.

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You filthy casual, where’s your Sharp X68000 or MSX clone?!?

Just kidding, it’s very nice. Though I LOL’d at your colecovision and intellivsion being sorted under misc.